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The good news is that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can be learned and developed. EQ4Kid Centrum establishes a nurturing, warm environment to foster your child’s EQ.

As parents, we play a huge part in whether our child is a leader or follower in life, whether our child is a team player or individual, whether our child is a high or low performer in the workplace. While taking part in our developmental programs and having a lot of fun, your child receives a strong foundation to a happy and fulfilling life.

  • EQ4Kid Centrum facilitates development programs EMOTIONAL & SOCIAL FITNESS designed for all children from 5 to 11 as a Child or Parent-Child Program and covers the four components of EQ - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.
  • EQ4Kid Centrum offers an individual CranioSacral Therapy. The treatment is so gentle, non-invasive and risk-free and can be helpful for people of all ages including young children, teenagers, newborns. Even your inner child can benefit from this essential therapy. Due to its gentleness and effectiveness, many people include CranioSacral Therapy as a component in their personal wellness programs.
  • EQ4Kid Centrum aims to cover social and emotional needs of  gifted children and highly sensitive children (HSC). Many children, who experience things deeply, who struggle with the emotional overexitability are misunderstood with mood disorders. They are told that something is wrong with them, that they are too sensitive and need to “toughen up”. Also perfectionism of gifted youth can be challenging and frustrating. Being gifted myself I have a unique sense of their inner life and have desire to lights them up and empowers those unique children to thrive.
  • Parenting a gifted child can be a very lonely experience unless one seeks out other parents. EQ4Kid Centrum facilitate parents workshops GroupMe, structured to bring together 10 to 20 interested parents of gifted and talented children to discuss such topics as motivation, discipline, stress management, and peer relationships. Parents worry whether their child’s experiences are normal, whether they, as parents, are providing adequate stimulation, about how to react to the exhausting intensity which their child shows, about how to avoid the power struggles, and so on. Gifted children often do not fit the developmental norms published in the parenting handbooks; they tend to reach developmental stages earlier and more intensely than other children. GroupMe workshops support parents in sharing common experiences as well as “parenting recipes” under the guidance of trained facilitators. These workshops are structured around the book A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children.
  • EQ4Kid Centrum donates the children's charity www.muddyfootprint.com

so ... no child is left behind. If you are interested in starting a conversation about how we can meet your needs, please get in touch with us!

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